Club Competitions


Winter Club Knockout Competitions 2022/23

Entry lists for next season's competitions are now on the noticeboard.

There will be no entry forms in the membership renewal letters. 

The lists will remain up until Friday 14th October 2022.

The playing arrangements will be as follows;

Playing Arrangements

The first player drawn is the challenger. They must offer their opponent two dates, including a weekend and a weekday (excluding Bank Holidays). The challenger provides a marker for singles competitions.

Challenges must be made within 3 days after either (1) the competition starts, or (2) the closing date of the previous round. The opponent shall accept one of the dates offered within 3 clear days of the receipt of the challenge.

If an initial challenge is not made on time the second named player will become the Challenger and must likewise offer 2 dates within 3 days.

A challenge can only be declined if both dates clash with the following matches previously booked;

  • National or County Representative Matches
  • Inter-County Leagues
  • Denny Cup
  • Yetton Trophy
  • National or County Champion of Champions

A player not accepting a valid challenge will forfeit the game. If neither player issues a challenge, both are eliminated.

General Rules

Novice competitions are restricted to members with less than 3 years indoor or outdoor playing experience (i.e. for this year those who joined in the 2019/20 season).

At the start of the season entry sheets will be posted on the Club Competition noticeboard. Only the team leader’s name is required for pairs and above. The first scorecard submitted will constitute the team. Substitutes will be allowed but must not skip.

The duration of the games are;

  • Singles (including 2-wood) = 21 Shots (both double-rink)
  • Pairs and Fours = 21 Ends
  • Triples = 18 Ends

Killed ends will be replayed, i.e. no re-spots.

Scores to be entered onto BOWLR and cards left for the Competition Secretary.

Club finals to be played in  whites with a club shirt.

Unusual situations will arise. Common sense and a spirit of fair play will apply in deciding the appropriate course of action.




Please click here to see Club Finals Weekend 2022 Lineup

Saturday Morning 9th April 2022

Men's Fours Winner
Andy Smith, Mark Hemstedt, Josh Jenner & Shaun Cook

Men's Fours Winners

Mixed Pairs Winner
Sharon Lunnon & Jake Roberts

Mixed Pairs Winner

Open 2-Wood Singles Winner
Bradley Mann

Open 2 Wood Singles Winner

Saturday Afternoon 9th April 2022

Mixed Triples Winner
John Miers, Gail Barrett & Dave Dignum

Mixed Triples Winner

Men's Triples Winner
Dan Rodger, Josh Jenner & Mark Hemstedt

Mens Triples Winner

Sunday Morning 10th April 2022

Mixed Fours Winner
Andy Smith, Tina Fisher, Dave Fisher & Loraine Daden

Mixed Fours Winner

Men's Pairs Winner
Dan Rodger & Shaun Cook

Mens Pairs Winner

Ladies Pairs Winner
Sharon Lunnon & Pam Smith

Ladies Pairs Winner

Sunday Afternoon 10th April 2022

Men's Singles Winner
Dan Rodger

Mens Singles Winner

Ladies Singles Winner
Beverley Oakes

Ladies Singles Winner