The Club's Eco Work


We have been striving for many years to improve our carbon footprint to ensure that we, as a Club, do all we can to improve our contribution to the environment. Please see our movie below which shows what we've been doing at the club to be more Eco Friendly, Since the movie was made we have installed the maximum number of Solar Panels that we are allowed and we are now able to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff provided by the Government. This feature along with the LED lighting and ASHP & MVHR heating and cooling system provides a healthy environment throughout the Club and a large reduction in our utility bills which allows us to re-invest into the Club for the modernisation that we need to maintain our status as one of the best Indoor Bowls Clubs in the County.

We are also pleased to announce that we were recently awarded the runners up "Special Recognition Award" from the European Unions Regional Development Fund through the LoCase (Low Carbon Across the South East) organisation who provided the assistance grant. The Award is on view in our Trophy Cabinet.

To further improve the air quality within the Club we have recently installed a MVHR system in all areas which automatically provides 4 complete changes of air every hour.

Updated 28/10/21