Early in 1978 a Committee was formed, with John Greenwood as Chairman (Left), Arthur Cade as Secretary(Right) and Les Burch as Treasurer, to start the process of opening an Indoor Bowls Club.

A grant was obtained from the Sports Council, a loan was arranged with Colchester Borough Council and, with other promised loans, the total provided the funds necessary to begin the process. Guarantors were found and, after lengthy negotiations, a 99-year lease was agreed with the Borough Council, which still stands today. The Club would be sited on the West End Sports Ground, alongside the West End Lawn Bowls Club.

Building started on the first three Rinks in September 1981 and the Club was opened officially by the Mayor of Colchester early in 1982. At this point, there were 280 Founder members.  By April 1982, the membership had increased sufficiently to consider the next three Rinks.  A viewing balcony was introduced into the design covering all six Rinks; planning permission was obtained and, on 1st September 1984, the new Rinks were opened. 

In 1991, plans were approved to give the Club the much needed dining room, kitchen and changing rooms.  Internal modifications were made to incorporate a shop and, thus, Iceni Bowls was born. To the great delight of all the members, all the facilities that had originally been visualised were now in place, which helped to increase the membership to 750.  The improved catering facilities also meant that many other Club and County teams could be entertained.

In 2001, a suspended ceiling and new lighting system was installed, along with a new electronic scoreboard system. The heating system was also modified to improve the air distribution.

A lot has been achieved since 1982 but all those who have given their time and services freely to make the Club a success and, indeed, financially sound, should not be forgotten. CIBC is now one of the smartest clubs in the area with full facilities for six Rinks.

NB:  This history page is précised from the Clubs 25th Anniversary booklet that was written by Mr John Greenwood, past Chairman and Founder.